Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Oh, my gosh! What a scare!

Oh, my! It HAS been a long, looooonnng time since I posted on this blog! Far longer than I thought. Oh, how time does get away from us!

When I came back today, the first feat to overcome was to remember which email address I had this blog under so I could get in it! Took me a bit, but I actually finally remembered without having to dig back through two years of notebooks. Now to remember it again tomorrow, ha, ha.

Then, the BIG SCARE. All of my posts appeared to be gone!! Yes, the pics were still here, and the titles, but there was no writing in the posts! I thought, oh, no! What happened?! Did Blogger delete my posts because I hadn't been on here in so long?  . . . . .  then . . . . . . I started roaming around and trying to figure out what happened. Oh, am I embarrassed. Somehow, either I on accident, or some hacker with a weird sense of humor, had changed the Text Color to WHITE on the white background!!! All of my posts were actually still here, but the written posts and the background was all the same color - white - so nothing could be seen except white space. Yep, white camo posts.

Whew!!! Okay, all is well again and I can get back to work, posting way on this set of blogs.

Have a beautiful day!