Saturday, April 16, 2016

Foreclosure, Lock Out and More Moving

 As I said in my last post, this story is going to jump around a bit. For now, I will start where an end became yet another beginning.

My home of nearly 19 years was foreclosed. I had been working long and hard with the process of getting a home loan modification when I was unpleasantly surprised with foreclosure papers instead (I will get to that story another time). My final days of moving out were coming.

Some of you that have been following along, either in person or on other sites, know that the house was improperly built, had repeatedly flooded and was in bad condition, making sorting through my belongings slow and tedious. Even with a short time extension, when that final day of  'lock out' came, I was no where near finish moving. Remember, it wasn't just a basic move. Besides dealing with the flooding, I had several people's things to move and an entire farm. But that final day was here, the lock-out came (no, I didn't stay to watch) and I was beyond devastated at the loss of so much of my farm, business supplies, family keepsakes, my kids' belongings, and the list goes on, and on, and on. I could never even begin to describe the pain and emptiness inside.

I went home (to my new home - our nice tent at my sweethearts farm) had my good cry and wallow for a few days . . . . then  . . . . . a week later I got up with determination and started making phone calls.

After wading through so many phone numbers, phone calls, switching connections, dropping calls and starting over, getting the wrong person, getting transferred to another person, etc . . . . . I FINALLY got the supposedly right person. Several days, several calls, and several discussions later, I GOT TO GO BACK! YES! I got to go back and begin again packing up and moving my things.

Did I get to finish moving it all? NO, but we will get to that in good time. Next post will be discussing those phone calls sooooo . . . . stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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