Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Story of Chaos....

My precious, missing baby goat . . . . .

I guess I really need to begin my story with Chaos' moma, Bitty Baby. Bitty Baby is one of my sweet, little nanny goats. She is one of those oddities of Nature, a Nubian-Pigmy cross. She was born at my last home, with me right there by her side helping clean her up. Somehow, she ended up not only smaller than a Nubian, but also smaller than a Pigmy goat! She was the tiniest, and most adorable, baby goat I had ever seen!

For her first few years, Bitty Baby stayed so tiny that she was barely bigger than my Tom cat. I decided not to ever let her breed because although she is so tiny, she does have the large Nubian in her genetics, which gives her the potential to have large babies, which could be catastrophic for her and baby.
I watched her closely over the years. She never came into season and never showed any interest in any of the Billies she had been around. I decided that she must be sterile, which so often happens with extra small animals, or animals that are an odity of Nature. So, over a period of several years, Bitty Baby had lived, long term, with three or four mature Billy goats, never showing any sign of a breeding cycle.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of .. "The Story of Chaos .... my precious, missing baby goat."

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