Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Different Property and Another Delay

Well, things just didn't work out on that last piece of property that I had tried so hard to get. It was so very frustrating. Getting the old abandoned gas well secured and getting all the paperwork on the property updated, turned out to be such a no answer run around and hassle that the realtor finally just pulled it off of the market. So .... I was once again on the search for that just right property to move to, at an affordable for me price.

Amazingly, I found one even better! It is 8 beautiful wooded acres of wilderness with a year round creek running through one side of it. I would have been absolutely sick if I had actually closed on the other property and then saw this one.

The property had literally just been posted for sale when I saw it on an online ad. I went and looked at it and got the ball rolling as soon as I could to get under contract with it. Things appeared to be going smoothly, for the most part. I was just a few days away from closing after a month long wait, then one delay came up that ran the closing date over by a week or so. Once again, that new closing date was almost here. Then . . . . .

I got a phone call last week informing me that the abstract office had lost the work order for the abstracting process! The abstract office had never started the abstracting on my property!!!  NOOOOO!!!! They are starting it now, putting the closing date on my soon to be property, yet another month away. Dang, dang, dang.

I  don't know why this is happening. I am sure there is some reason for it... some reason that I may not even ever know, some reason that is important.... some reason for the delay to put me where I need to be, when I need to be. I don't know. I am trying very, VERY hard to be patient. But it is getting really hard! I do not relish the idea of moving in the heat of the summer, but at the moment, that is what it is looking like I am going to be doing. I will still be okay with it if I can just get moved ... period!

Please help keep the good thoughts coming on this. Thank you so much for stopping in. Have a fantastic day!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Yellow!

   Daffodils are my favorite flowers of Spring! They are so bright and cheery after the cold and drab colors of Winter!