Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Story of Chaos....

My precious, missing baby goat . . . . .

I guess I really need to begin my story with Chaos' moma, Bitty Baby. Bitty Baby is one of my sweet, little nanny goats. She is one of those oddities of Nature, a Nubian-Pigmy cross. She was born at my last home, with me right there by her side helping clean her up. Somehow, she ended up not only smaller than a Nubian, but also smaller than a Pigmy goat! She was the tiniest, and most adorable, baby goat I had ever seen!

For her first few years, Bitty Baby stayed so tiny that she was barely bigger than my Tom cat. I decided not to ever let her breed because although she is so tiny, she does have the large Nubian in her genetics, which gives her the potential to have large babies, which could be catastrophic for her and baby.
I watched her closely over the years. She never came into season and never showed any interest in any of the Billies she had been around. I decided that she must be sterile, which so often happens with extra small animals, or animals that are an odity of Nature. So, over a period of several years, Bitty Baby had lived, long term, with three or four mature Billy goats, never showing any sign of a breeding cycle.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of .. "The Story of Chaos .... my precious, missing baby goat."

I Have Property and the Moving Starts!

   Wow! My property search has been long and hard, but I finally have property! Yay! I am working on clearing it off just enough that I can start moving stuff up onto it. I will give you all a full update on all of this very soon. At the moment, I don't have Internet (not allowed to use it where I am staying) so I have to wait until I can get on WiFi somewhere to get any online time. When I do, the time really goes by fast! I will be glad when I get all moved and have Internet every day, again! For now, my focus will be on my story about this Spring's baby goat. He has been missing since early April (gotten rid of when I was gone for a day) and I want to spend my Internet time getting his story out there, in hopes that someone knows something about him and where his got off to. I WANT HIM BACK! Thank you and have a great day!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Different Property and Another Delay

Well, things just didn't work out on that last piece of property that I had tried so hard to get. It was so very frustrating. Getting the old abandoned gas well secured and getting all the paperwork on the property updated, turned out to be such a no answer run around and hassle that the realtor finally just pulled it off of the market. So .... I was once again on the search for that just right property to move to, at an affordable for me price.

Amazingly, I found one even better! It is 8 beautiful wooded acres of wilderness with a year round creek running through one side of it. I would have been absolutely sick if I had actually closed on the other property and then saw this one.

The property had literally just been posted for sale when I saw it on an online ad. I went and looked at it and got the ball rolling as soon as I could to get under contract with it. Things appeared to be going smoothly, for the most part. I was just a few days away from closing after a month long wait, then one delay came up that ran the closing date over by a week or so. Once again, that new closing date was almost here. Then . . . . .

I got a phone call last week informing me that the abstract office had lost the work order for the abstracting process! The abstract office had never started the abstracting on my property!!!  NOOOOO!!!! They are starting it now, putting the closing date on my soon to be property, yet another month away. Dang, dang, dang.

I  don't know why this is happening. I am sure there is some reason for it... some reason that I may not even ever know, some reason that is important.... some reason for the delay to put me where I need to be, when I need to be. I don't know. I am trying very, VERY hard to be patient. But it is getting really hard! I do not relish the idea of moving in the heat of the summer, but at the moment, that is what it is looking like I am going to be doing. I will still be okay with it if I can just get moved ... period!

Please help keep the good thoughts coming on this. Thank you so much for stopping in. Have a fantastic day!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Yellow!

   Daffodils are my favorite flowers of Spring! They are so bright and cheery after the cold and drab colors of Winter!

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Property Search Continues . . . .

  Searching for the right piece of property to move my farm to, once again, has turned out to be much more difficult than I had even imagined. I knew it would not be easy in the least, especially since I have ultra meager funds to acquire a piece of land with, but I never thought it would be as difficult as it has been. Oh, my, have land prices gone up!!!

Still, I did end up finding a great piece of property (5 beautiful acres of mostly flat land with a few trees and a small creek) and I have been so excited! I have been visually laying out where I wanted to put things and how I wanted to set my animals back up. I made it all the way to the point of taking out the loan and setting a tentative closing date, but then . . ..

.  . . .  some clinkers got thrown into the fan! Most of them were not so big that they couldn't be dealt with or worked around, but then the biggest clinker of them all . . . . an old, abandoned gas well was found on the property. It has to be properly secured before the sale can go forward.

I did some searching as to what all securing that old, abandoned gas well would entail. I could get lucky and it could be done very quickly and simply, but the standard shows that it could take months, even years, before it is sealed off, there are hundreds of them awaiting the same task. Then there is the possible issue of the abandoned well contaminating the ground water (might not ever be able to drill a water well), the creek, the plants, and so on. This is something to definitely do some serious pondering and research on before I close on this property.  This stinks!

I haven't given up on this beautiful property, yet, but my bid is sitting on hold at the moment, and I am going to continue to search and look at some other properties while we all wait to hear back and see how long it will take to get the abandoned well sealed off. I have found one more interesting sounding property to go look at this week. With some prayers and good thoughts, wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Granny Annie's Farm is Coming Back!

YES! Granny Annie's Farm is coming back!

For those that have been following along with my story of how I lost my farm and home just over a year ago, I will be continuing that story at a future time. For now, though, I need to concentrate on restarting my farm and homestead in a new location. Feel free to ask any questions you have, though.

It didn't work out where I currently am (farming as a couple), so I am once again moving. I have been searching high and low for just the right (and meagerly affordable) property to begin Granny Annie's Farm over on. I am working on acquiring a specific piece of property. It has hit some snags, but still very hopeful.

I will be beginning Granny Annie's Farm and Homestead all over, from the ground up. Everything will have to be rebuilt. I would love for you to follow along, as I begin life anew, totally from scratch, from the ground up. I will do my best to share it all, the good, the bad and the funny.

So come on and follow along as this old Granny, once gain, begins my life and farm all over, with my fur babies and feathered friends in tow. I am sure it will be a very interesting and entertaining ride!

Thanks for stopping in and have a fantastic day!