About This Site

Hi! I'm Granny Annie. And I hope you are enjoying your visit.

When I was growing up I lived "officially" inside the city limits. The neighborhood we lived in had once been farmland. The house I lived in, and the one catty cornered across the street were the two original farm houses from when it was farmland. All the rest of the houses had been built after the area had become city property and a neighborhood was laid out.

Even still, we had a huge lot .... roughly 150 feet by 150 feet. We had a 25 foot by 25 foot strawberry patch, a large area of fruit trees, an enormous garden (50 feet by 100 feet), and a large storm cellar where we stored all that we canned out of that productive garden.

Down the road a couple of people had chickens, and one guy had chickens, horses, goats, and I am not sure what all. Oh, how I loved to go down there and pet his horses!

Then there were a few relatives in my family that had farms which I adored visiting. Among them were a cousin in Pennsylvania (Stanley Stoyanwoski) that had horses, and Uncle Marshall (Bussey) somewhere around Slick, Oklahoma that had an ENORMOUS farm. His farm was my favorite place in the whole world to go, and the inspiration that gave me the drive to want my own farm when I grew up.

So when my older kids were in the early teen years, I finally got that small farm I had always dreamed of. It started out as just a house and 5 wooded acres. But I have been slowly, but steadily turning it into a farm ever since. And I love it!

And now, in between gathering eggs, planting trees and veggies and milking goats, I will bring you my stories of how my little farm came about and all the interesting day-to-day stories of life on a small farm. I hope you enjoy this blog.