Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Phone Call Run Around

 After that final moving day, I had my cry, I had my wallow, then I got up one morning, sucked it up, and headed for the phone with great determination to get permission to go back and get my belongings from my wrongfully foreclosed house (that, too, will be explained in future posts).

First, I was going to call the bank that actually now owns my home. But it is a German bank and I could not find a possible way to do that. At the last court date, what I did learn was that Bank of America (who used to hold the mortgage), had long ago sold the mortgage to Deutsche Bank. That bank now owns my property, but Bank of America services it for them. Kind of mind boggling, isn't it?

After a bit of run around, I called the law firm that had represented Deutsche Bank in court. The law firm told me that I needed to call the real estate agent that did the lockout, is now handling the property for the bank, and make arrangements with them to go get my things. They said that the realtor would probably be glad to set an appointment with me. The law firm (which has been very nice and helpful through all of this) gave me the name of the realtor and her number.

I called the number and talked to the woman I had been referred to. She said that she was NOT the realtor that did the lockout. She said that she had refused to take it, due to the condition of the house (it has repeatedly flooded) and impossibility of selling it. She said that she had no idea who was handling the property, that everyone that she knew of that had been asked, had refused it.

I called the lawyer's office back and told them that the person they referred me to was not the right one, that she had refused to do the lockout. The law firm said that that was who they had down that had done the lockout, that she had originally refused, but that she went ahead and did it. I said that I had just talked to her and that she made it clear that she did not have any part in the lockout... that she was not there. But the person I spoke with at the law firm that represented the bank, had no idea who else it could have been. She said that the lockout had taken place and that was the person they had down that it took place with. So with a sunken heart, I politely hung up. I had gotten no where.

A couple of days later the law firm called! They had looked deeper into the matter and finally found the correct person that had done the lockout. They gave me his name and number. My heart sank once again. This was the person that had,.a couple of months before, mailed me fake paperwork to try and get me to move out faster in exchange for a huge sum of money (this, too, will be explained in future posts) and had harassed me with countless phone calls for months before that. In the end he (Brian K. Kirk) had declined taking the lockout, after which it went to the first person I had been referred to that had also declined it. Somehow, at the last minute, Brian Kirk had agreed to do the lockout.

Next post ..... my phone conversation with Brian Kirk.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Foreclosure, Lock Out and More Moving

 As I said in my last post, this story is going to jump around a bit. For now, I will start where an end became yet another beginning.

My home of nearly 19 years was foreclosed. I had been working long and hard with the process of getting a home loan modification when I was unpleasantly surprised with foreclosure papers instead (I will get to that story another time). My final days of moving out were coming.

Some of you that have been following along, either in person or on other sites, know that the house was improperly built, had repeatedly flooded and was in bad condition, making sorting through my belongings slow and tedious. Even with a short time extension, when that final day of  'lock out' came, I was no where near finish moving. Remember, it wasn't just a basic move. Besides dealing with the flooding, I had several people's things to move and an entire farm. But that final day was here, the lock-out came (no, I didn't stay to watch) and I was beyond devastated at the loss of so much of my farm, business supplies, family keepsakes, my kids' belongings, and the list goes on, and on, and on. I could never even begin to describe the pain and emptiness inside.

I went home (to my new home - our nice tent at my sweethearts farm) had my good cry and wallow for a few days . . . . then  . . . . . a week later I got up with determination and started making phone calls.

After wading through so many phone numbers, phone calls, switching connections, dropping calls and starting over, getting the wrong person, getting transferred to another person, etc . . . . . I FINALLY got the supposedly right person. Several days, several calls, and several discussions later, I GOT TO GO BACK! YES! I got to go back and begin again packing up and moving my things.

Did I get to finish moving it all? NO, but we will get to that in good time. Next post will be discussing those phone calls sooooo . . . . stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Granny Annies Farm has moved, but the Battle Continues!

 Some of you probably know that Granny Annie's Farm has moved. For those of you that don't know, my farm has moved to my fiance's farm. It has been a long, hard battle, as my home and property of nearly 19 years was suddenly foreclosed on while I was actually in the middle of a home loan modification.

The foreclosure began illegally, yet everything just kept on going right on through, regardless. Then the war, with all of its battles began, and continues on today, even after I am moved. Why? Because I am not totally moved . . . many of my belongings and farm supplies are still there, just sitting there, and yet more dirty pool was played to keep me from getting my things.

In the coming days, I will be sharing my stories with you... all the ups, downs, and continued fights. I will be doing this not only to get and protect what is mine, but even more importantly is that this is happening to so many people that I want to share all the resources and options that I know about with those people. I also hope that someone will see this all and share with  me, options and resources that I don't know about and can use.

I will warn you, I may be jumping around a bit with the order of events. I will probably be starting with a couple of months ago, lead up to know, then flash back to the beginning. Please feel free to ask questions along the way if my posts aren't completely clear, or if you have any questions at all. 

In the mean time, you can also follow along with me at Two Farms One as I begin life over in my new home (yes, it is a tent, but very comfortable) with my wonderful fiance and we begin the journey to combine our two farms into one fantastic one.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!