Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Flood of Storms!

Here at the farm we have been in heavy drought for quite some time. We got a little rain over the Fall and Winter, but still not much. Everything has been so dry and I have actually had to water plants through the winter! (even dormant plants need a little moisture)

For about the past week my aches and pains have greatly increased. My left foot swelled up so much I could barely get my shoe on or walk. And yes, it hurt like the dickens! I hurt in places I had never even hurt  before!

Yesterday, the rains started to fall and the viscous storms rolled .... one .... right ..... after ..... the other. At the moment it has let up to a light sprinkle. I hope it stays that way, but I hear there is more to come. I am so glad I hadn't planted my lettuce yet, as it would have all washed away.

I really hope the goats hold their legs together and don't pop any of their kids out until after all this blows over. We sure did need the rain, but not this heavy! Repeated, slow, gentle rains was what I put in my order for.

Last I checked, and that was a couple of hours ago, we were up to between 6 and 7 inches of rain out here (in 24 hours). The road I am on (and several between me and town), I am sure are badly flooded (meaning I am stranded here for awhile).  The weatherman actually got it right this time, amazing! But still, we should really pay attention and tune in to what our bodies are trying to tell us, as the weatherman usually never gets it right. I am going to head outside right now, while there is a break in the downpour, and feed a few critters.

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