Thursday, March 22, 2012

Much More Rain

Just when you thought it couldn't possibly drop any more rain, it did. It began raining again sometime during the night Tuesday night, rained all night, and all morning yesterday. But it soon cleared off and was a beautiful day! After all the crackling lightening, jolting thunder, and drenching rain, the sun shone brightly most of the afternoon. The combination of all of those in sinc, made for wonderful growing conditions and my plants grew dramatically in just hours. My potatoes, onions and green grew so fast you could almost stand there and watch them grow.

Despite all the storminess, my chickens laid several eggs yesterday. Mmmm..... fresh eggs and tender green onions..... sounds like a great lunch today. I still have some homemade pear butter left, so I think I will make some fresh bread to go with it too. Gosh, I'm making myself hungry.

Just when I thought all the storms were over, another bit one rolled in yesterday just before dark. It rained really hard for a little bit, and we got pelted with hail (Oh, how I hope my little tomatoes will survive), but it left about as quickly as it came.  Looks like I am up to about 10 inches of rain out here this week. Once again, I hope it is over for a bit, but we are forecast with a 90% chance today.

As you can see, my driveway has turned into a river. Maybe I need a boat to get into town!